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  • A1 Titties & Beer 5:31
  • A2 I Promise Not To Come In Your Mouth 3:31
  • A3 Big Leg Emma 2:09
  • B1 Sofa 3:15
  • B2 Manx Needs Women 1:39
  • B3 The Black Page Drum Solo / Black Page #1 4:06
  • B4 Black Page #2 5:25
  • C1 Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me? 4:18
  • C2 The Illinois Enema Bandit 12:09
  • D The Purple Lagoon 16:20
  • Warner Bros. Records Inc.
  • Warner Bros. Records Inc.
  • Discreet Records, Inc.
  • Warner Bros. Records Inc.
  • Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Los Angeles
This is the Los Angeles pressing variant as indicated by an asterisk stamp, and "LW" etched in the runouts. The typesetting layout used on the labels may differ from other similar versions ©1977 DiscReet Records Inc. Made in USA ©1977 Warner Bros. Records Inc. Made in USA (Sides as Roman numerals: Side I, Side II, Side III & Side IV) "In 1976 we played for a cozy group of 27.500 deranged fanatics in New York City (13.500 for three shows at the Felt Forum at Halloween, and 14.000 for four shows at the Palladium the week between Christmas and New Years). All of these sold out concerts were promoted by Ron Delsener (who we hereby thank), and attended by some of the nicest people we have had the experience of playing for (who we also hereby thank). New York last Christmas is what made this album possible." Some copies can have gold promo stamper on front cover.
Артикул лейбла 2D 2290
Артист Frank Zappa
Год выпуска записи 1978
Год выпуска пластинки 1978
Лейбл звукозаписи Discreet
Описание формата LP, Album
Состояние виниловой пластинки VG
Состояние конверта VG
Страна изготовитель US
Формат Vinyl

Теги: Frank Zappa - Zappa In New York, ВИНИЛОВЫЕ ПЛАСТИНКИ