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    ABBA - The Album
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    1 шт.
  • Артикул лейбла:
    POLS 282
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  • Описание формата:
    LP, Album
  • Состояние виниловой пластинки:
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Есть в наличии
  • A1 Eagle 5:51
  • A2 Take A Chance On Me 4:05
  • A3 One Man One Woman 4:25
  • A4 The Name Of The Game 4:54
  • B1 Move On 4:42
  • B2 Hole In Your Soul 3:41
  • "The Girl With The Golden Hair" – 3 Scenes From A Mini-Musical –
  • B3-A Thank You For The Music 3:48
  • B3-B I Wonder (Departure) 4:33
  • B3-C I'm A Marionette 3:54
  • Polar Music International AB
  • Union Songs AB
  • Union Songs AB
  • Polar Music AB
  • Marcus Music
  • Metronome Studio, Stockholm
  • Glen Studio
  • Marcus Music
  • Metronome Studio, Stockholm
  • Studio Bohus
  • SIB-Tryck, Tumba
Recorded and mixed at Marcus Music & Metronome Studio. "The Name Of The Game" mixed at Bohus Studio. Additional overdubs recorded at Glen Studio. ℗ 1977 Polar Music International AB, Stockholm, Sweden. © 1977 for the world by Union Songs AB Published by Union Songs AB except A4, B1 and B3b by Polar Music AB. This release is similar to [r441171], except two things, the backsleeve of this release has these differences: o This release has NO keyboard-credit on the backsleeve. o "Saxophones & Flutes" and "String arrangements" has the names beneath instead of straight in one sentence. o The background image is slightly more aligned to the left. o There is a bigger gap between "GDC 50-1" and "Side 1". The second thing is that the n©b is in line with "UNAUTHORISED PUBLIC PERFORMANCE...", like this: UNAUTHORISED PUBLIC PERFORMANCE... n©b On the [r441171] release it looks like this, (except for the dot, just to make the text come more to the right): . UNAUTHORISED PUBLIC PERFORMANCE... n©b
Артикул лейбла POLS 282
Артист ABBA
Год выпуска записи 1977
Год выпуска пластинки 1977
Лейбл звукозаписи Polar
Описание формата LP, Album
Состояние виниловой пластинки NM
Состояние конверта NM
Страна изготовитель Sweden
Формат Vinyl